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School Floor Sanding

since 1993

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Affordable Floor Sanding Services in School Floor Sanding in London

Specialists in Parquet, Boards, Hardwood & Granwood Refinishing


Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in School Floor Sanding in LondonIf there is ever a set of wooden floors that take a bashing from the over enthusiastic feet of the young - it’s in a school. The assembly hall and gymnasium are the prime sufferers.

So what is the solution for a battered floor? If your school building is more than fifty years old, the larger rooms are most likely to have either parquet or hardwood floors. Both of these are expensive to replace completely.

Vinyl or laminate may seem an affordable option in these financially-straitened times but your choice goes beyond Fantastic Floor Sanding Services in School Floor Sanding in Londonreplacing with traditional or cheaper - and far less durable - materials.  

You can save money by having your floors restored to their original beauty - no matter how poor their condition.Whether hardwood boards or parquet blocks, restoration will provide a beautiful and durable floor - at a price you can afford.



Call on the specialists - at the The School Floor Sanding Company.

What you get:

Beautiful picture for floor sanding in School Floor Sanding in LondonWe’ll come and assess your floor - looking at its current state, previous history and degree of use.

Then we’ll give you the options for a floor to meet your budget and specific needs. The price quoted is what you pay - with no hidden extras.






The work itself:

Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in School Floor Sanding in LondonWe aim to minimise disruption, so working in the school vacation allows us to devote the necessary time.  Qualified Floor Gap filling, Sanding & Finishing in School Floor Sanding in London

We repair, relay or replace damaged boards and blocks, finding as close a match as possible.

Dust and mess? Our modern floor sanding machines have dust collectors that ensure a minimal amount of residual dust and debris. We also restrict its spread by sealing doors and windows - and by frequent vacuuming.






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For a professional floor restoration job call The School Floor Sanding Co. today!

Experienced team in Floor Sanding & Finishing in School Floor Sanding in London

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Latest News, Recommended Articles & Tips

Sanded wooden floors and the cold


Gap filling & Finishing services provided by trained experts in School Floor Sanding in London

If you're thinking about removing your carpet and sanding and restoring your wooden floors, you may be wondering whether you'll also need to turn your heating up. Well, we have good news: draughts and wooden floors don't always go hand in hand. Here are our top five tips for enjoying your sanded wooden floors in all seasons:

1. Even the newest, or best laid, wooden floors can shrink in the winter due to them drying out. The more cold air you are bringing in from the outside (ventilation) the less moisture there will be in the air inside. Reduce ventilation or air leaks, such as around the sides of old windows, and you will reduce the 'cracks' in your wooden floor.

2. Instead of reducing ventilation, you can increase moisture in your house instead. Try cleaning, buying more plants, having a party (bring in more people) and cooking frequently. But be careful of adding too much moisture which could lead to condensation and mould in your home.

3. You can purchase rubber 'fillers', such as DraughtEx or StopGap, which can be inserted in the gaps between floorboards to reduce draughts. You can also do this with sawdust and resin/wood glue; however, this can be messy both in process and the finished look. You must also be wary as the resin can shrink in the cold eventually too, which can take you back to square one.

Excellent photos for floor sanding in School Floor Sanding in London

4. If you haven't sanded the wooden floors yet, try thin slivers of pine such as those from the Old Pine Company. Hammer and glue them into the gaps, then sand the whole floor to create an even finish. This is the best way to ensure a draught-free professional look; however, it can be the most expensive method.

5. Buy a rug to avoid having to do any DIY! Not only will it cover larger gaps in the floorboards, it will look great and provide sound insulation too for those below you.

Got some more tips? We'd love to hear them - email us at schoolfloorsanding@gmail.com or if you're looking for a professional floor sanding service in London, contact us today.

The School Floor Sanding Co.